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Friday, March 23, 2007

YouTube Video: Hilary as Big Sister, Barack as Liberator

Politically, I am an increasingly irate moderate, and I certainly am not ready to take sides in the current mad scramble. But you gotta love the spunk somebody's showing in creating a video mashup of Hilary as the "Big Sister" of the famous Apple 1984 commercial.

YouTube's ability to post to Blogger is not working right (and they are both Google properties; go figure). Click on the link for the Hillary/1984 video.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Nomination for Best Spam First Line

Since Google Mail is still marking my Google Alerts as Spam, I have to scan my Spam every few hours. I saw this beauty a few minutes ago:

Eskimo Crab-Mac-Claw will probably become the new logo of my world wide fairy tale activities.

Whatever "Peck D. Christina" (the spam authoress) is selling, I'm buying.

Two absolutely meaningful posts to LoomisBoy tonight, and I've still got writing to do for CADCAMnet before I can sip my way Speyside. One pays the bills, the other pegs the shrills.

Pure Mulk Rufus Blessings on Bearmeat

After my first semester at Baylor, I went home for Christmas break. Somewhere in between the traditional tree hunt (in which I would get lost in the woods for a few hours, bloody ax in hand ((yes, the ax my dad hit me with when I was in high school)) (((no, I'm not making this up))) and the Nap on Super Bowl Sunday, a stray dog found our farm. I suggested he be named Rufus. So it was spoken, so it was done. I can't remember, was he the dog squished by a falling mobile home or the one who tried to kill one rattlesnake too many? Farm dogs usually meet untimely deaths.

If you think me totally deranged at this point, check out Bearmeat. All will be explained; well, at least the title of this blog posting will be explained. Go Mulk! Go Rufus! Sic em Bears! If you leave a message there, tell them a good homeless son of Samuel Brooks sent you.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dear Google Mail, Please Stop Identifying My Google Alerts as Spam

Dear Google,

I have been using Gmail, your wonderful web-based email service, for over a year now as my only email client. I especially appreciate your spam-filtering capabilities. But therein lies a problem.

I occasionally review the contents of the Spam folder before deleting it, just to make sure no "real" mail was being put there by mistake. A few days ago, I noticed that one of my Google Alert emails was in the Spam folder. Since then, I have looked closely at the contents of the Spam folder before deleting, and am finding that Gmail is putting about half of my daily Google Alert emails into the Spam folder.

If you don't get the irony, let me point it out. Google's email program is tagging emails sent by Google's News Alert program as Spam. Seems rather odd to me. It is also rather annoying, as I rely on Google Alerts to stay on top of what's happening with many of the companies I cover in my online journals AECnews and CADCAMNet. (Google Alerts have given me many a scoop, I want you to know.)

Please fix the Spam filter.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Miraculous Recovery for Kateen

On Sunday, we shared at church about Kateen (see previous posts), and described her situation as grave. (At the same time, I know the same thing was going on at a sister church in town, where quite a few people also know Kateen). She had not regained consciousness since being admitted to the hospital, her kidneys were failing, and the doctors were not sure if they could stop the progress of the infection that had already caused them to amputate a leg and remove quite a bit more skin. The doctors were telling Kateen's family that if she survived, she would need six months of recuperation in the hospital.

On Monday my daughter Mackenzie called with wonderful news. Kateen is now scheduled to be released from the hospital in ten days! Her kidney function has returned, the infection has stopped spreading. As of Monday evening she had already been to her first physical therapy session. The doctors, Mackenzie said, could describe Kateen's turnaround as nothing less than a miracle.

Praise God!

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