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Friday, June 03, 2005

"Caught in a Web of Military-Political Intrigue"

Going through old emails as part of moving to a new computer, I came across this unusual message. I am not publishing this person's identity, for obvious reason. I first met him almost 20 years ago, and occasionally we touch bases via email. He is a consulting engineer of unusual brilliance and undeniable eccentricity. Whether this message reveals him as "mad as in angry" or "mad as in crazy" is best left for others to discern.

The last few months have been "exciting". I did 90 days in a "security location" for the "crime" of having classified material dropped off in my shop when I did not know. I have been caught in a web of military-political intrigue that is almost impossible to explain. It is likely to be another month before I have a real address (other than my PO Box and e-mail) as I only just (as in within the past month) got work after I was released from durance vile. When that happens, I will update information.

To give you a very brief idea, Homeland Security (zeig heil!) has been trying to put my in prison for a year. It all appears to be directed by Donald Rumsfeld personally. My "defenders" include most of the commanders of "special operations" groups such as Force Recon, Delta Force, SEAL's, and the like. One "incident" occured when Homeland Security/FBI agents delivered me to SEAL HQ (Coronado) for an "investigatory tribunal". We were met at the aircraft by the Master Chief of the SEAL's (i.e. an E-10) who ordered the FBI to remove my handcuffs and get off "his" base. The FBI agents were "escorted" off the base by M4 toting MP's.

Everytime I try to write this all up, the irrationalities and inconsistancies end up making it impossible to explain.

I hope all is well with you.

Yes, my friend, compared to what you write, all is well with me.

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