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Friday, October 08, 2004

Your Organic Sulfer Guinea Pig, Reporting for Duty

Last week I saw an old friend and long-time career mentor, Dr. Joel Orr. Joel is in his 60's and has had his share of health issues over the years, and has maintained a keen interest in "alternative" approaches to health as a result. (His web site is full of links to interesting and/or oddball stuff.) He looked fabulous, with glowing skin and plenty of energy. He said he has been taking "organic sulfer." He buys it in bulk, and takes teaspoons of it in water. He said he almost immediately lost 10 pounds, his exzema and dandruff went away, and he gained extra energy.

Based on how he looked, I decided I would give it a try. So I ordered some from the web site he recommended (go to www.msm-msm.com to order, but read www.livebloodstudy.com for more background--which also sells the stuff. I don't know why Joel prefers the first site to the second as a place to order.)

What arrived today is a bag of while crystaline powder, with a faint sulfuric smell. I follwed the recommendation, and took 1 teaspoon in water. It's bitter, but extreme tastes don't bother me. I will take another teaspoon at bed time, and then continue on twice a day.

I am currently taking other supplements, but I have been on them for a while and know that any additional health changes will be due to the sulfer. I won't go on a diet for a while, or make any other changes to my lifestyle that would impact my health. Today I weigh 210 pounds, the heaviest I have been in my life (I should weigh more often!) .

As part of trying to get into the swing of posting here regularly, I will try to write up how things are going for me as I continue to take "organic sulfer."

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