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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Directions to my Langewiesen flat

[UPDATED 19 January 2016]

These are the visual directions to my apartment ("flat" for those of you who prefer British English) in Langewiesen. They start with you being anywhere on the TUI campus. You are most welcome to come anytime, not just the prime hours of 12:00 - 16:00. But outside those hours I might put you to work preparing or cleaning up!

DON'T TRUST GOOGLE MAPS TODAY. It does not know the Ilmenau regional bus schedule, and it wants to take you on the most boring (and longer) path to my apartment. Trust me, this is the best way.

Here's a map of the journey, illustrated by yours truly [PLEASE IGNORE THE PARTS ABOUT "SPECIAL BUS STOP", THAT WAS ONLY TRUE IN DECEMBER]:

The bus fare each way is 1,20. The bus driver will make change if needed. Tell the driver you are going to Langewiesen (or back to Ilmenau, to the Grenzhammer stop).

You get ON the bus at the Grenzhammer stop; you get OFF on the SECOND Langewiesen stop, Rathaus. Leaving Ilmenau, the bus goes through a wooded area and some farmland. It goes through a traffic circle (roundabout). The first stop is Langewiesen Ehrenberg; don't get off yet. Get off at the next stop.  

The trip is short, less than five minutes. You will be taking either #304 or #305.

[UPDATED!!!] Mid-day departure times from Ilmenau to Langewiesen [SATURDAY ONLY]:

[UPDATED!!!] By now you are a pro at riding the Ilmenau local bus service. Here is the schedule for returning to Ilmenau, for late afternoon departure.  [SATURDAY ONLY]:



Ignore the comments in the photos about Christmas Market. 

1. Go to the Netto market. The street to the south of the parking lot is Langewiesener Str. Go down to the street, cross it, and walk apx. 40 meters East to the bus stop. (No photo for this step).

2. Get on the bus, using the instructions above.

[UPDATED] 3. Get off the bus at the SECOND Langewiesen stop, Rathaus. You will be right by this church.

4. When you get to Hauptstraße, go East toward the Rathaus.

5. Walk down the street toward the Rathaus, and turn into the Market Plaza.

 6. You have reached the Plaza. It has been the site of a public market for 800 years. Go to the rear of the plaza (South) to the next street.

7. Take the small street at the Southwest corner of the plaza.

8. At the end of the street, turn left.

9. [UPDATED] Go East one block; there will be a construction barrier in the street; keep going.

10. [UPDATED] At the STOP sign, cross the street. (There is no longer construction stuff on the bridge; and now it is a BUSY street; cross with caution.)

11. After you have crossed the street on the bridge, continue East, taking the bike path along the river.

12. Continue on the bike path until you come to an intersection. You will be facing a park. Go right and up the short hill.

 13. Continue to the top of the hill. Where the street divides, veer to the right.

14. You are looking for #7, on the left. Go to the driveway, past the shrubbery.

15. I live in the rear. Go down the driveway and make a left.

16. Welcome!

Problems? I'll be monitoring Facebook Messages; look for me on WhatsApp.

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