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Monday, February 21, 2005

New Complications for Rennie

Janine called from Wenatchee Monday morning. Rennie’s headache pain is continuing at a high level. Let’s put this in some perspective. Last week Rennie described the headache pain from the meningitis as much worse than the surgery pain. Last month he told me the pain from his first neck surgery was the worst pain he could imagine. So, he's really hurting.

There seems to be a new reason for the pain besides the meningitis. From a close reading of the MRI results, the medical staff has discovered that a balloon of spinal fluid material is trying to emerge through a hole in the surgery incision that was not well closed. To treat this, they are going to do a spinal tap (also to take another sample of fluid for meningitis testing), and leave a tube in place, to relieve pressure in his neck. The goal is to have the balloon retract without having to open up his surgical wound (which would be another major operation).

This report was delayed due to my Internet service being down several hours on Monday. I get my Internet service via satellite, and there was severe weather at the satellite uplink station in Georgia, blocking the signal.


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