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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Rennie Responding Well to Treatment

I just got off the phone with Janine, who is in Wenatchee with Rennie. His fever has been down, close to normal, for almost 24 hours. He still has bad headaches if he doesn't stay on the pain medicine, but Janine said that is to be expected. They know now that he has bacterial meningitis, but it is a form that is not considered highly contagious, so many of the extreme cautions surrounding his treatment and visititation have been relaxed.

The hospital is still continuing the culture of the disease sample to determine the proper medication, which will take another 24 hours. When they know the right medication to give, the plan is to try to arrange for Rennie to either return home or be transferred to a hospital closer to home, since the medication must be given via IV.

I'll be leaving home in about an hour, to take the kids down to visit. There are wireless Internet hotspots in Wenatchee, so I might try to post again while there if there is more news.

Janine plans to return home tonight.


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