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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Rennie Feeling "Much Better"

I talked to Rennie briefly this afternoon, and later got a message from Mike Forney, who is visiting Rennie in Wenatchee today. (Mike is pastor at Tonasket Assembly of God, where McCormicks and my family now worship.) Rennie has been awake and feeling much better today. He was able to joke and laugh a bit with me, but I did notice tiredness in his voice by the end of our call.

Before this incident, Rennie told me that the pain from the back surgery was the most "excruciating" pain he had ever felt. But today he said the back surgery pain was nothing compared to the headache he had the last couple of days.

The diagnosis of meningitis can't be conclusively confirmed for at least another day. It takes a while for the culture to grow. But they are treating him as if he does have it, and so far so good .

It is not a trival thing to visit Rennie. Meningitis is considered highly contagious. Anyone entering the room has to enter completely gowned for a sterile environment, and must go through decontamination procedures when leaving the room. Anything that enters the room (personal items, etc.) are forfeit. Mike Forney took Rennie his cell phone, for example, but couldn't give it to him.

Janine is feeling better today. When I talked to her on the phone at 4:20 p.m., I could tell from her voice that her strength is returning. She was just leaving Tonasket (having run some errands) on her way to Wenatchee. This morning she had enough energy to do lesson planning (she teaches half-time at Omak High School), and did sleep in.

Rennie is in Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee. The switchboard will patch calls through. The kids will stay with us through the weekend. Given how tough it is to be allowed into Rennie's room, we aren't sure yet if we will take them to Wenatchee on the weekend. Teresa and I will be glad to take them, but it is Rennie and Janine's call to make as to whether or not they should come.

If you take out the "h"s and translate it correctly, you can send questions or comments to newthon hatsign starbandh dot neth. (I figured out how to write that by reading my email address while holding my tongue.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please pray the Perazim Prayer for real time spiritual tonasket. Isaiah 28:21. And God shall arise as in Mt Perazim, that he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon (a place of compromise, sin and rebellion) that He should bring to pass His strange works and His strange acts...Is 28:21.

This is what the Dec 26, 2004 earthquake was all about...the Perazim in the Whole Earth. Its to further bring about the True Work of God in these Last Days.

7:53 AM  

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