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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Condoleeza Rice in 2008?

Political operative Dick Morris is saying out loud for benefit of the Beltway what is being talked about in the heartland and the blogosphere: Condoleeza Rice should run for president in 2008.

Americans for Rice is one of several web sites to spring up in support of a Rice candidacy; it has already set up shop as a "527" political organization, allowing it to spend money to promote Rice independently of any formal GOP efforts (which would be a LONG way off).

"A star is being born," Morris writes. As a former consultant to Bill Clinton who now works on foreign campaigns, along with regular appearances on Fox News Channel, Morris sees nothing but good for the GOP if Rice runs. " A Hillary Clinton vs. Condoleeza Rice matchup is the GOP's best hope, Morris writes:

The political fact is that a Rice candidacy would destroy the electoral chances of the Democratic Party by undermining its demographic base. John Kerry got 54 percent of his vote from three groups that, together, account for about a third of the American electorate: African-Americans, Hispanics and single white women. Rice would cut deeply into any Democrat’s margin among these three groups and would, most especially, deny [Hillary] Clinton the strong support she would otherwise receive from each of them.
Googling on "Rice 2008 president" nets 240,000 hits, although the relevancy drops off fast. In adidtion to the Americans for Rice cited above, there is also Rice2008.com,


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