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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Jury is Still Out on Organic Sulfer

I took the bitter white powder religiously, at full recommended dosage for a few days. I lost 10 pounds in about three days, but then my weight stabilized. After a few days, I experienced a session of light-headedness once after quick exertion, which scared me a little. So I stopped taking it for a week, and now I am taking a half-dose.

Years ago I was ill for a long time, and one of my symptoms was light-headedness at times. I later discovered that I probably have an allergy to sulfa drugs--it is a family trait--and I had been taking garlic capsules religiously for quite a while. Garlic is a natural sulfa drug when taken in theraputic doses. (I still eat it, but I won't take a supplement that contains garlic.)

I've decided to follow the Atkins' Diet, and to stick with it this time. I need to do it more for my energy levels during the day than for weight loss -- although I certainly do need to lose weight. So, one more "me and my health" topic for this blog. One way or another, I'll resurrect it.


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