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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Seven Kids on One Hospital Bed

On Saturday I drove from Loomis to Wenatchee (135 miles) to visit Rennie and to take two of Rennie and Janine's kids, Christa (8) and Timna (15) down to see their Dad. Three of my kids, Brianna (16), Josh (14), and Meghan (12) also came along. When we got there, Rennie had just woke from a nap was was ready to go for a walk. So Christa and Timna escorted their Daddy and his IV down the hall. The third McCormick kid, Keegan (12) was already in Wenatchee, staying with school friend Coltion whose father lives in Wenatchee. The girls had not seen either of their parents since Wednesday, when Rennie was transported to Wenatchee via ambulance and Janine stayed home by herself with the stomach flu.

Keegan and Colton came in a couple of minutes after Rennie left, having failed in their attempt to find the maternity ward. But they did discover along the way that the back door of the elevator opens up into the espresso shop kitchen. Josh joining in, the three boys climbed up on Rennie's bed as if they owned it and started flipping TV channels. Janine had to tell them to move it on past the lingerie fashion show on Spike TV. About this time Rennie returned, and decided to sit in a chair instead of going back to bed. So Brianna vacated her chair and joined the boys on the bed, as did Meghan and Timna. Of course Christa was not to be denied, so at one point there were seven kids on the bed, while Rennie, Janine and sat in chairs and talked.

Rennie enjoyed the short walk, but he was tired. We stayed for about an hour, and during that time he needed a new pain pill. He is now taking Tylenol III. He wanted to talk, but his end of the converation was slow and soft. It is obvious that not only the surgery, but also the meningitis, had really knocked him low. But, praise God, he is getting stronger every day.

The culture to determine the best course of antibiotics is still not done. They may be giving him exactly what he needs, and they may not be -- and they won't know until the culture is complete. Janine is not confident that he will be going home, or transferring to a hospital closer to home, on Monday.

Janine went home Saturday night, and attended church on Sunday. Christa was one of about 20 children to be baptized this morning at Transformation Station, the non-denominational children's church outreach started by Tonasket Assembly of God. My Michaela, 10, also was baptized this morning. As I write, Janine and Timna are probably about to leave for Wenatchee. Teresa went to Tonasket to pick up Christa, who will probably stay through Tuesday. Keegan remained in Wenatchee with Colton.

Please continue to remember Rennie in prayer. He is improving, but still quite weak.


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