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Friday, July 21, 2006

Using Satellite Imagery to Search for Noah's Ark

There's an interesting report today in GIS Monitor, one of the professional journals I read, about one man's use of satellite imagery to try to understand "an anomoly" on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. The size, shape, and location of the thing roughly matches the dimensions and location given for Noah's Ark in Genesis.

"One of my ultimate goals," says Taylor, "is simply, using geospatial technology applications, to make Mt. Ararat more transparent to the dispassionate eyes of geospatial experts and scientists." He looks forward to the launch, next February, of GeoEye One, Ikonos' successor, which will have a resolution of .4 meters, and then also to the launch of WorldView I, Quickbird's successor, scheduled to launch by mid-2007. He claims that he is also "getting much closer" to having the intelligence community declassify the keyhole satellite imagery of the anomaly.


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