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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Google's Gmail Seems to be Seriously Ill

For several hours today I have been unable to use Gmail, the email service from Google. A few months ago I moved all my email traffic (several account) to Gmail, so I am effectively shut out from email until Google fixes the problem.

Last week I was at Google Headquarters (that's a blog post I need to do), and I noticed little black signs on the walls warning of something on 6-16-06 related to http://gcc. If a mere mortal (as opposed to a Googler), types that URL into a browser, it resolves to http://gcc.gnu.org/, which is a home page for "GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection." Could it be that Google has updated its internal compiler, or done some sort of other voodoo, that has led to today's Gmail outage?


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