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Monday, September 12, 2005

Google Desktop Loves My Trash

I have written before, both here and in AECnews.com, about Google Desktop. I use it daily, and appreciate how fast I can find documents with it. But I am also rather frustrated by it. As it indexes my hard drive, it records and remembers all the spam that comes in, and all the email messages I delete. Many items in a Google Desktop search have “Deleted Items” as their source location—and that source location is deleted daily when I close Outlook. In effect, the search results are full of stuff that does not reside on my computer, and is of no value to me.

Google provides instructions on how to remove specific entries from a listing of search results. But this smacks of having to take the garbage out twice. Google also provides instructions on how to prevent the desktop search engine from examining specific folders on the computer’s hard drive. But individual files in Outlook do not correspond to any specific file folder on the hard drive. (If I’m wrong, somebody, please tell me!)

If any Google API programmer out there has found a way to prevent Google Desktop Search from searching spam folders and deleted files in Microsoft Outlook, please come forward!


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