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Monday, May 23, 2005

An Eloquent Good-Bye to the "Simpering Voices" of the Left

Keith Thompson writes an eloquent good-bye to today's liberalism in The San Francisco Chronicle: Leaving the Left: I Can No Longer Abide the Simpering Voices of Self-Styled Progressives"

Key quotes, if you don't have time to read the whole article:

A turning point came at a dinner party on the day Ronald Reagan famously described the Soviet Union as the pre-eminent source of evil in the modern world. The general tenor of the evening was that Reagan's use of the word "evil" had moved the world closer to annihilation. There was a palpable sense that we might not make it to dessert.

When I casually offered that the surviving relatives of the more than 20 million people murdered on orders of Joseph Stalin might not find "evil'" too strong a word, the room took on a collective bemused smile of the sort you might expect if someone had casually mentioned taking up child molestation for sport.


In the name of "diversity," the University of Arizona has forbidden discrimination based on "individual style." The University of Connecticut has banned "inappropriately directed laughter." Brown University, sensing unacceptable gray areas, warns that harassment "may be intentional or unintentional and still constitute harassment." (Yes, we're talking "subconscious harassment" here. We're watching your thoughts ...).


Blogger Michael said...

Great commentary on the de-evolving left.

Side note: there is a growing grssroots movement to see Sen. Brownback become the next President. A man of great character, he says he has a calling to the office. Lou Engle agrees.

9:51 AM  

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