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Friday, March 25, 2005

A New Coalition for Spiritual Human Dignity is Forming

The Bayly Brothers are using their blog to report from the scene of the Terry Schiavo death watch. In this touching post, they tell the story of father and son who come to join the vigil. The son is brain damaged. The father's love is obvious.

If I were to starve my animals, I would be hauled off to jail. Yet a judge in Florida can order that food and water be withheld from a person too weak to care for themselves.

I believe the Terry Schiavo case will prove, in the months and years ahead, to be a key point in the culture war. There are many "liberals" in America who are every bit as anguished by the turn of events in Florida as the conservatives who are being so vocal. A new coalition of spiritual human dignity is emerging from this tragedy, and this coalition will reclaim the ethical territory seized by the radical nihilist minority. It will affect "right-to-die" laws, it will affect the abortion debate, and it will help reform our collective conscience.


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